About me

Hi I'm Nathan I'm a fully qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist (BACP registered). I work with adults as well as Young people (12+). I also do pre-trial therapy as well as walk and talk therapy which is pretty self explanatory (outdoor walking therapy).


I have been counselling in one form or another for a number of years and have done so in various settings. This has included a children's centre, a rehab as well as a charity for survivors of rape and abuse. I have also worked as a support worker working in areas including but not limited to mental health issues, homelessness, ex-offenders, learning difficulties and end of life care.



About the service

My Counselling style is person-centred but I invite my clients to take part in elements of art and play therapy when suitable. What I offer is a safe environment to explore any issues at your own pace. Free from judgement and collusion whilst keeping confidentiality. It is not my role to fix and mend but help my clients help themselves.

I offer one to one sessions only but this can take place in a traditional counselling setting or I also offer walk & talk therapy. Both have their benefits and limitations as well as being better suited to certain people. During the initial assessment we will discuss the suitability of each type. I also offer pre-trial therapy for those going through the legal system for rape or sexual assault cases (Survivors only not perpetrators).

Frequently asked questions

General counselling FAQ's

What is counselling and how does it work?

In terms of person centred counselling it is the meeting of a client and a professional counsellor whose role it is to listen. A client should be able to explore any issues they have at their own pace in a safe, confidential and nonjudgmental environment. A counsellor is not there to fix and give instructions or advice. My role is to help you explore issues discovering what lies beneath issues and what they are connected to. The basic idea is counselling provides a space where clients can explore there issues to help them help themselves.

What is my first introductory counselling session going to be like?

The first session will unfortunately always involve paperwork. Now don't let this put you off, it typically takes about 10 to15 minutes of the 45 minute session but we take it at your own pace. I also offer potential clients the opportunity to fill this in beforehand as I can send it via email or it can be downloaded from this website. The paperwork covers personal details, emergency contact info, risk assessments as well as questionnaires to see where you at mentally at the moment. Along with this includes a contract. Don't panic! You are not signing your life away. The contract is an agreed way of working tailored to each client. It will include limits of confidentiality, safeguarding issues and cancellation policy. Once this is discussed and agreed the decision to start counselling is then in your hands. Once that decision is made future sessions can be booked.

I've had CBT before, is this the same?

No not really. I appreciate CBT and approve of its effectiveness, however I do practice differently. CBT offers more structure and instructions. Whereas person centred counselling is more free flowing and focuses on exploration and reflection. People prefer different methods and it is not my place to say which is best for you. I can say that some people who have not liked CBT find counselling less constrictive. With this said I can invite you to use certain CBT tools when appropriate.

Will I get homework to do in between sessions?

Not as such no. I may invite you to look into things in your own time such as taking a closer look at a topic we discussed or testing a coping strategy we have developed. It is always an invite and not an instruction. Some clients also wish to write a diary or keep notes but that is completely down to client discretion.

Do you offer telephone or online counselling?

I do not offer telephone sessions as they are not my speciality. I am in the process of looking into developing online sessions, if you have any interest in this please share it with me.

I want to bring my child to counseling what do I need to do?

I do work with children 12+ and parents/guardians usually attend too. My usual procedure after introductions is to speak to the child one to one to discuss sessions and then invite the adult in afterwards to discuss the finer details. I firmly believe in the autonomy and independence of the child within this setting. So therefore I insist parents/guardians do not sit in on sessions but instead take advantage of the free refreshments provided in our waiting room.

How do I know if counselling is for me?

Now that is a tricky one, counselling can often be a challenging and difficult thing to go through. Due to the fact you may be uncovering sensitive issues and exploring them more than you have done before. For some people just having a chunk of time focused on them and someone willing to listen to them is a new and strange experience. Often it is a case of timing and matching. It may not be the right time for someone to start counselling or it may even be a poor match between counsellor and client, after all we are all human. Due to the nature of the relationship it's important both parties feel safe and comfortable. I recommend counselling to everyone (I know, of course I would) because I truly believe it can help everyone to some degree. And of course there's no minimum required amount of sessions or anything like that.

Are you available to contact 24/7?

Unfortunately no for a few different reasons. First is boundaries as a counsellor I only practice within the confines of sessions. In terms of enquiries/rescheduling/cancellation I aim to reply within 1 business day. I understand that people sometimes need that extra bit of support which is why I signpost to other agencies and avenues for those that need it.

Should I have counselling or just seek medical help/medication?

Many studies show that medication works better along-side therapy. However it is not my place to determine whether you'd need medical assistance, I always suggest speaking to your GP if your not sure.

How do I know which counselling approach (one to one/walk and talk/pre-trial) is best suited for me ?

I offer walk and talk counselling which tend to be better suited to low to mild level issues. It's better suited to those who want to get out more, prefer a less formal setting and are more active. This is not to say walk and talk is strenuous, I cater walks to clients need and abilities and include breaks on benches and seating areas.
Due to the sessions taking place outside and privacy is somewhat limited it is not always suitable for some areas of working. One to one sessions offer more security and privacy. I always do an introductory session and we discuss a preference and what it entails. Pre-trial therapy is its own distinct type of therapy. Due to limits set by courts and trials it is more restrictive. Within pre-trial therapy we are not able to discuss details of the case but are able to explore ways of coping

Price & Payment FAQ's

Why should I pay for counselling when I can get it for free?

Time is the biggest factor here. Free sessions are often limited in number and results driven. Many people who have recieved this type of service have complained that it has felt rushed and impersonal. Along with limited sessions there are often waiting lists for sessions. I contacted 5 local charities that offer free sessions and waiting lists ranged from 4 weeks to 6 months. I offer ongoing sessions that can ;ast as long as required. As i am one person my availabilty is limited but is increasing with demand. If i am unable to work with you at this time I can refer you to other counsellors that i have worked with in the past.

I have seen listening services that are cheaper, why should i choose you?

Listening services ethically should only be used to signpost to better qualified suitable services. These type of services often have "listeners" not counsellors and often not qualified counsellors. Counsellor is not a protected term and anyone can advertise themselves as a counsellor, not only is this unethical it is dangerous. Due to the nature of the work it is possible for unqualified listeners to more damge than good. I have has 4 years of professional training and take part in CPD throughout the year. I also have a supervisor who ensures i am working appropriately with people (for more details on confidentiality of this see confidentiality section).

Do you offer any discounts?

I offer discounts for anyone willing to pay for sessions on a monthly basis. I also offer concessions for others including students, ex-services etc. For those that wish to pay for a set number of sessions I offer the deal of 12 sessions for the price of 10 details can be discussed in person.

How can I pay?

BACS or paypal only. Payment plans are available.

The first session is supposed to be free, why do i have to pay a deposit?

A deposit is required to secure the session and is needed for each session as it covers the room cost. This deposit is refunded if you choose to not begin sessions or if you cancel with enough notice (see cancellation section for details). For those that want to begin sessions I suggest they transfer this initial deposit on to the next one. If you go on to pay the full fee after each session the deposit will be paid automatically.

Why are the services priced differently?

Walk and talk therapy costs more to accomadate for fuel costs. Pre-trial therapy is more expensive as it is a specialised therapy that requires more paperwork.

Cancellation FAQ's

Cancellation policy - your side

Cancellations have to happen sometimes, life gets in the way. I use discretion when this happens but I do have a policy I stand by. Cancellations 48 hours or more in advance - reschedule deposit transfered. Cancellations day prior to session - reschedule £10 deposit needed for next session Cancellations same day or missed session - reschedule £20 deposit needed for next session. Frequent cancellations will lead to sessions having to be paid for in advance and this will not be transferable.

Cancellation policy - my side

I may have to cancel on occasion if this is the case deposits will be transfered on to the next session or refunded within 2 business days.

Confidentiality and Privacy FAQ's